Hello, and welcome to Accessible Chicago! This blog was born out of my love for this great city I call home, and my desire to share that passion with every person with a disability on the planet, their families and friends. I hope to use these pages to share information on some of my favorite places in the city, provide reviews and overviews of public places, public spaces, things to do and places to go for all the people with disabilities who live, work and play in Chicago. Nearly 20% of the US population has some sort of disability, and they all have families and friends...that's a lot of people! And despite popular myths that people with disabilities don't go out and don't have money to spend if they do, the truth is that people with disabilities do have money to spend, and they do like to go out and have fun. So why not have some fun in Chicago?!

Accessible Chicago will help both locals and tourists alike find things to do, places to go, sports to play, food to eat, festivals, music events and theater to check out.  I will take the guess work out of figuring out where to park, how to get in, what's the seating like and all the questions about accessibility that you need to have answers to. Plus, I'll share my views and reviews for you, so you can make educated decisions about where to spend your hard earned dollars and valuable time when you are ready to get out there.

Let's get started!