Israeli attacks on Palestine join the ranks of Terror's elite

The summer of free agency is upon us and in full swing.  After massive victories over the years, terrorism's big three; Taliban, Al Qaeda, and Haqqini network have broken up.  In the 2014 finals in Karachi, the big three tried to add another big trophy to their growing list, but the Pakistanis stood tall and were able to fight back and send them packing. Now unable to get safe haven in the tribal lands of Pakistan the dynasty is over.

They can still re-group in Afghanistan and try and compete, but while they are sent packing, the other teams haven't stood still making their return to dominance unlikely. The terrorism market is full of talent; the Buddhist terrorists in Burma have been consistent in their calculated and state sponsored terrorism wiping out an entire race of people without much resistance, however their impact isn't widely felt as they play in a small market.



Then there is Iraq and Syria. These places have been losers when it comes to terrorism in the past, with their authoritative leaders of past strongly opposed to groups like the Taliban. New leadership means hope for terrorists everywhere, and this season both Iraq and Syria fell to ISIS or now IS. They dropped the whole method the big three used to gain power in Afghanistan and Pakistan and worked as a team and used their offensive ability to blow out victories in the early going. Mass murders, destruction of homes, schools, infrastructure, and even the all inclusive claim to be the leaders of all Muslims the world over.  Big time moves by terrorism's new front runners. Experts agree that while their claim to be the leaders of the entire Muslim world was laughable, their fire power is pretty strong. What moves will the other teams make to counter the IS and their march towards the championship?


Israel quickly counters , this team with over 60 years of experience in human rights abuses has had its ups and downs in the terror game. At times they were looking like the new dynasty, but then a series of acts of Humanity would peg them back a bit. They even took a few good shots by relatively useless yet highly arrogant Hamas, making them fall in the rankings of terrorists. After taking a defensive yet offensive approach by building massive defense systems while continuing to defy UN resolutions and international law by building settlements after settlements, Israel was always on the brink of becoming a terrorist power house and falling out of contention entirely.  While Israel built up its capabilities, Hamas didn't sit still either. Rather than help build schools, hospitals, and basic necessities, they did what any terror hopeful would, they got rockets.  It was only a matter of time before the two sides with the most hot air would burst, and burst they did! A series of kidnappings and murders in Israel and Palestine sparked the latest battle and woke up terrorism's dark horse and have made them instant contenders.

Palestine under attack

Israeli forces launched indiscriminate missiles into heavily populated Gaza killing 182 + people, while damaging what little infrastructure they allowed the people of Gaza to have in the first place. They followed it up with more bombings , even hitting places of worship and care facilities for the disabled. No mercy here, IS couldn't even pull this off and their entire mandate is to kill as many as people as possible regardless of race, religion, or gender!  Israel has surely shown that it is now the front runner in the terrorism championship. All this has been made possible by the United States and their $3 Billion dollars of military aid to a nation already known for human rights abuses, to have the largest Army in the region, and with Nuclear weapons. No salary cap issues here, just unlimited funding, and a regime that has no humanity left.  Can you imagine if Hamas, IS, the Taliban, the Buddhist terrorists, KKK, or any other agent of hate were gifted $3 billion dollar grants?!


Terrorism has a new front runner and her name is Israel.

Oh but wait! Just when Israel was about to walk away with the trophy, they seem to have had enough of their attacks on the poor people of Gaza and are considering entering into cease fire talks started by Egypt.  While the damage has been done, this willingness to stop their reign of terror is something else entirely. Israeli fans have been pulling up chairs and sofas to drink, eat, and watch their march into the dark side. The Hitler regime and then the Taliban really pioneered this war theater. While the Taliban flogged Women in front of packed stadiums, Israelis took to hill tops to enjoy in watching the destruction, terror, and murder of innocent people. They're up 182-0 , so I suppose the excitement of winning the title of top Terrorist group was too much for them to sit at home and miss. Even with all this happening the Israeli forces are willing to discuss a cease fire, this is something the other Terrorists teams aren't ever willing to do.  I might have to move Israel down in the terrorism power rankings a bit, this show of humanity pops up from Israel time to time and is better late than never. Sincere or not, I'm sure the people of Gaza will love to have just one day not fearing death.

Israeli War theater

Let's go over to the Hamas side. With Israel open to cease fire talks, seems like Hamas would be quick to sign the deal and bring about a change in their way of thinking. But alas, they fire back at the news calling it "laughable".   No Hamas, what is laughable is you. It is your rockets and your arrogance that is costing Palestinian lives in Gaza. You keep launching ancient rockets that cant begin to really terrorize anyone this day and age. Those long ball three pointers keep rimming out and or being rejected by Israeli defense, so stop firing them. Stop giving them a reason to brutalize the people in Gaza. Stop giving people a reason to ignore the suffering of the people of Palestine because you just can't seem to care enough for the people who are suffering. While your rockets and attempts at terror aren't really causing damage to the intended targets, your actions are directly causing terror in Palestine and even though it is Israel that is ultimately responsible for the murders of 182+ innocent people, you're not off the hook, their blood is on your hands too.

Hamas Rocket

Terrorism just keeps on growing because we can't seem to have the human decency to see who is suffering and who is doing the oppression.  The Taliban while mass murdering Pakistanis claimed to be there to save people from evil, yet they were the very evil they spoke of.  The Buddhist terrorists brutally killing innocent people based on their ethnicity in Burma speak of cleansing the land, yet they're the only filth roaming it. The Israeli forces claim to be champions of democracy and a firm hand against the evils of terror and inequality, yet they are the ones with the most blood and rights violations on their hands.  The United States, our great nation, is a nation that brings people together. Where Jews and Muslims break fast together at Synagogues , they work, play , and build communities together. We are a nation that claims to be the leaders of the free world, yet we are the ones taking away the rights and freedoms of people around the world.

The time has come to help achieve the cease-fire that Egypt has now tabled and Israel is listening to.

Once there is peace, and the bombs stop flying, it is up to Israel to stop its brutality and terrorism. Stop taking away the Palestinians rights to water, land, and their businesses. Stop your discrimination and you'll find that they will no longer have a need to turn to the likes of Hamas for protection. Give them their dignity and rights and they will not seek the help of your enemies for their protection.

At this point Hamas, you should already know your time is up and it's time to hang up the rockets and retire. Let the UN peace keepers in and allow the world of peace lovers to protect the rights of Palestine and its people.

And last but not least, the Muslim world must recognize Israel's right to exist. Israel is a reality and so is Palestine, in order to get Israel to grant Palestine independence and have any say in the matter you must first recognize Israel. Along with that recognition the US, Israel, and the remaining few nations that  don't already recognize Palestine, need to do so. This balanced approach of respect is the only way forward.

We must as a human race stop giving groups reasons to turn their citizens into a paranoid population and they'll in turn stop being duped into allowing their military or governments  to commit acts of terror in their name.

We must as a human race recognize and learn from our past.  The United States first funded Saddam Hussian and his Iraq, too much funding not enough oversight led to Saddam invading his neighbors. The US had no choice but to turn around and fight its own funded nut job.  The same is happening with Israel. If we must fund Israel with $3 billion dollars a year, then we better have some oversight to the funding. Letting them build up a massive army and stockpiles of weapons isn't making us or them safer. Haven't we learned by the many regimes and groups we funded the same way? Spread some of those Billions to Palestine and help them build their infrastructure, and stop all military aid to a nation that no longer needs a larger military. In fact stop funding all foreign military.  Instead allocate some of those billions to our own citizens in Detroit that don't have access to water anymore, there's an idea!

Speaking against Hamas doesn't make me anti-Muslim, speaking against Israel doesn't make me Anti-Jewish. But speaking up against one form of terror and ignoring the rest just makes me amongst the evil.  So to all the people out there protesting against Israeli crimes, I commend you for taking a step to share your voice for the rights of the oppressed. But then don't go silent when IS rages forward and kills thousands. Don't go silent when the violence is against a people you don't really know, like the Rohingya in Burma. And don't go silent when Hamas fires a rocket into Israel provoking them. Speak up for the rights of all then and only then will your voice matter.

To all forms of Terror, be it Military or by Militants. Be it in the streets of Chicago or what's left of Detroit. I condemn all acts of Terror and I know that you and I will see the day the league of Terrorists the world over will be defeated and we will know what peace is. That is my faith and my dream.

Peace for all.










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    Aha! What good and sane reasoning!

    American Evangelicals (vs regular Christians) have an unhealthy link to the Gnostic essence of Judaism. They (along with Jews, whence it came) believe that it only matters who you are, not what you do. Western culture, on the other hand, considers that it's what you do which matters, not who you are: All equal under the law.

    And terrorism is linked by single implication to societies with Gnostic (or more generally: structuralist) mindsets. Feminism is another such, and of course Islam of the transcendental, fundamentalist variety.

    But the Evangelicals have to get rid of their perceived link to Israel, to be able to think like Westerners again and judge Israel by the same rule which they would apply to terrorists elsewhere.

  • In reply to Paddy Xtolpho:

    " it's what you do which matters, not who you are:"

    The ability to see eachother with such understanding would solve a lot of problems in our society. Too bad most people are allergic to such reasoning

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    Wouldn't the UN have kept their meeting right on the first day of this horrible war if any non muslim country would have been targeted? It seems so easy for us to turn deaf ear when hundreds of muslim innocents are been masacared. And why we all muslim countries are quiet? Why all those "Democratic", "justice loving" super power countries are not able to stop it??? As a human being why are we letting these "firons of the new world" to be blinded by power and kill those innocents. Is it only the 9/11 the day of remorse? These palastines and their lives are of no importance? The whole world grieves when any part of this earth is in danger. We pray for them. But when it comes to the victims of afghanistan, Palestine, iraq we suddenly want to debate that either these humans even deserves to be grieved or helped? Do they deserve our time and resources to be saved? And if anyone has doubt then i dont think we deserve to belong ourself to any religion as we are not even worthy to be called humans just Hippocrates.

  • In reply to Saba Khatri:

    Every life has equal worth. ISIS killing well over 1000 Iraqis is just a number to most of us, because images like seen from Gaza aren't available to us. Al Qaeda and the Taliban took over 40,000 Pakistani lives and no one blinked. We are victims of our own demons and bias, we don't see one child as equal to the next.

    This is doubled up by our media, that doesn't report facts anymore, just spins a story.

    President Obama famously declared : "If I Had a Son, He'd Look Like Trayvon' " in response to his murder yet when it comes to other children he says - it's tragic, but Israel has a right to defend itself...

    Similarly we too have that same problem. Humanity is weak in all of us and for us to change the world we have to change ourselves.

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    Essam, you are painting a very one sided picture of a very complex story. Your deliberate omission of the Israeli side of the story and your depiction of Hamas as some sort of noble group of "freedom fighters" and dismissal of the fact that they are bloodthirsty terrorists with the goal of a Jewish genocide in mind, only seeks to perpetuate the the world's hatred for the Jewish people. You are doing yourself, and the Muslim community in America, a great disservice by feeding directly into the hands of the Hamas propaganda. Why don't you address the fact that Hamas would rather kill and attack Israel than provide a viable infrastructure for its people to live and work? How come you fail to mention that the hundreds in millions of dollars in aid that the Palestinian territory of Gaza receives from the worldwide community goes to supply the Hamas terrorist with more rockets and ammunition instead of being used to feed the mouths of the hungry Palestinian citizens? How come you fail to mention Hamas' blatant use of Palestinians as human shields by hiding and storing caches of weapons in homes, schools, hospitals, and other densely populated areas that the general public inhabits? As a self-proclaimed American, you should be ashamed for falling victim to such propaganda and only taking a one-sided approach to this matter.

  • In reply to David Schneider:

    Did you even read what I wrote? Apparently you just read the title and decided to post. I suggest you read the entire post my dear friend.

  • Is Israeli blood cheaper than Arab blood? What about the three boys kidnapped in Israel? Israel endures daily rocket attacks, yet warns Gazans of an impending attack. Israel allows food, medical supplies etc into Gaza, and gets back missiles. Also, when Israelis where looking for their murdered son, they where treating Arabs in their own hospitals, often for free, and yet you forget about that.

  • In reply to Danmonster:

    Punishing an entire population for a murder isn't justice. It isn't doing those boys and their memory justice. If you were to tell me that this war is to dismantle Hamas, i'd be listening. To tell me it's for revenge for the death of three teens? I'm sorry killing 250+ is not okay. they didn't kill those teens. This is not justice, it's mass murder.

    And once again, please bother to read the entire article not just the headline. The headline was written to draw attention, but if you read the second half you'd realize something else entirely

  • fb_avatar

    I was also wondering if he had read your entire article. I do see more of an emphasis on Israeli terror than Hamas terror I n your article. But considering your heritage and who I assume is your audience, I thought it was brave and honest and in desire of peace.

  • In reply to Julie Chapin:

    My American heritage allows me to be free enough to educate myself on an issue from every perspective. Being a Muslim is my choice of Religion, I am not middle eastern or from a foreign land. I am an American no different from you. With that said, I can see that there is a need for people on every side of a conflict to step back and take a look at the narratives we are being fed and remove all politics from it. To focus on on thing only, that no one deserves to die or live in terror.

    When we all believed in the freedom for each other, we united and became one Nation. Now we name call and turn on each other here at home because people half way across the world don't know the greatness they can achieve if they learned to coexist.

    Thanks for the kind words Julie !

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