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The Gaza war is no excuse for spreading hate here at home

The war in Gaza is no excuse for spreading hate and fear here at home. Thousands of people are taking it to the streets to protest the war in Gaza and call for an end to the violence. Protesting against injustice is a great way to show support and to bring change in the world.... Read more »

ISIS is the real threat to world peace

The situation in Gaza and Israel is grim, but there’s another situation that is pure evil and should have our attention. ISIS has taken over large chunks of Syria and Iraq and are now holding weapons, armor, and vehicles provided by the United States Army.  They have declared all that follow them to be safe,... Read more »

What if Chicago was Gaza?

Welcome To Chicago, we’re glad you’re here! We were once a thriving and free society, but in the last few decades all that has changed. Today Chicago belongs to a new people. A people that were long oppressed in their homelands in other parts had been granted rights to move to the Chicagoland area and... Read more »

Israeli attacks on Palestine join the ranks of Terror's elite

The summer of free agency is upon us and in full swing.  After massive victories over the years, terrorism’s big three; Taliban, Al Qaeda, and Haqqini network have broken up.  In the 2014 finals in Karachi, the big three tried to add another big trophy to their growing list, but the Pakistanis stood tall and... Read more »