Terrorism is about Greed not Religion

Terrorism is about Greed not Religion
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The Boko Haram are not an "Islamic Militant group" there is no such thing as being Islamic and militant too. They, and all others like them are cowards. Calling them filth would be to insult filth. As the world comes together to speak up against the Boko Haram, it is easy to forget that the Boko Haram aren't the only ones we should be rising up against. The 300+ girls they kidnapped are indeed our sisters and I want their safe and prompt return and this evil group to be brought down. I also want the hundreds of thousands of girls, boys, mothers and fathers who are being kidnapped, raped, and murdered by other groups to have justice too. We need to rise up to take the power away from all those that stand for evil and that includes; the Buddhist Terrorists in Burma who have been orchestrating ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Rohingya population, the Taliban & Al Qaeda and all their factions across the world, and last but not least the many governments and armed forces across the world using their power to oppress others. Terrorism using bombs, rape, kidnapping, tanks, and drones are all terrorism regardless of the perpetrator's race, religion, or creed.

The Boko Haram kidnapped scores of girls in Nigeria and then went onto defend their actions and attempts to sell them by stating that God wants them to sell girls. Not one religious scripture supports their claim, yet some how they have followers that believe it. How is that possible? It's possible because people aren't educating themselves and are unable to counter their narratives. The Boko Haram go against every teaching of Islam and are breaking every Islamic law, so they don't get the right to be called Islamic anything. Take away their biggest weapon by not giving them the satisfaction by using the word Islamic when defining them.

Barbaric drug lords just looking for the next score, that is all they are and ever will be. It's easy for us to see that the Boko Haram aren't the torch bearers of Islam and those stopping them aren't at war with Islam, however the young boys being recruited into their fold don't have the luxury of the knowledge we have. They don't know what the reality is behind their leaders, they think they are following Islamic leaders doing the work of God. Our placing the label of Islamic to their names and actions gives them the credibility they couldn't get without us. They're using us as tools and our hands are just as red as theirs if we don't stop playing their game. To take away someone's rights, to abuse power, oppress people, murdering people, and to change the word of God for your own gain are amongst the worse of sins in Islam. These sins are pretty much the corporate culture for the Boko Haram, they are the very evil they claim to be against.

Thanks to the label of Islamic being affixed to their actions we almost miss the real business the Boko Haram are in, and that is Human and sex trafficking. This is an evil that is happening right here in the US as well as all over the world and with the spotlight so brightly on the subject we need to educate ourselves and empower ourselves to make a difference. There are many groups and organizations behind both Human trafficking and the Sex trade, while each group uses different tactics to steal people and force them into slavery and trade, their true motives are all the same. Do not let them confuse you with the various banners they operate under as they are all fueled by fear, ignorance, and the lust for power & money.

Every group in their quest for power has latched onto some theme to bring their followers passions to a high so they can exploit it. We are well aware of what people like Hitler, Osama, and now the Boko Haram did with that kind of influence. However we are still completely in the dark about others. This is mostly because we are trained to be influenced by what we see on TV rather than use our free thinking to think for ourselves. We have been trained to associate evil and terror only with Islam and have become desensitized to the suffering of Muslims because of this.

How many of us were aware that In Burma an ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya population has been taking place for years by Buddhist terrorists? We all know the name Osama , but no one knows the name Wirathu. Wirathu is a Buddhist Monk who also happens to be a Terrorist leader no less than Osama, and has been getting away with far worse than Osama ever did. The Burmese government has stripped the rights of the Rohingya people and have been systematically wiping them out. When they're not killing and raping them they are locking them up into concentration camps. Things are so bad for them that even the UN recognizes the Rohingya as the most persecuted group in the world that are in serious danger of going extinct! An entire people are about to be wiped off this Earth and there are barely any ripples in the media in regards to it. We associate Islam with terror and evil so when something bad happens to Muslims, the easy thing to do is not care. This is what the extremists want us to buy into. They want us to be divided and to fear each other so they can manipulate us on their way to power and glory. These agents of hate have nothing to do with religion, science, God, or Buddha. Take away their ability to hide behind the banner of religion and they'll turn their back on their "cause" in a heartbeat.

Soon we will take away the source of power for these hate groups and they will no longer be able to spit out hateful speech and incite violence across the land. They will no longer be able to sit back and amass wealth and power as the people kill each other off. They aren't going to be stopped by bombs, their downfall is that people are educating themselves and they are raising their voices against evil, regardless of where it is and who the victim is. Rallies across the world against the Boko Haram are taking place and hopefully soon they will be brought to justice and the girls will be freed. There is hope for the Rohingya people too as the United States just became the first and so far only country to pass a resolution in support of the Rohingya Muslims. The resolution wasn't passed by a political group looking to gain something in return, it was made possible by the work of people of all faiths and even people of no faith coming together as allies to press for justice.

Today in America we can see rallies where people of all faiths are standing together to bring the girls home in Nigeria. We see coordinated efforts by people of all faiths to bring a call to action forward to stop the brutal genocide of a stateless people nearing extinction when no one else would. These movements prove to me that the day will come when our unity and love will overcome all the hate and violence.


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    How far do you have to tie yourself in knots to pretend that religion is just some benign victim here? Islam is BS, just like all religions, and Muslims are almost always unable to speak out against the BS of Islam. Whether it is kidnapping girls, whipping and jailing bloggers, throwing acid in womens faces, keeping women in bags, not letting them drive, cutting off limbs for insulting imaginary characters, jailing bloggers, convicting atheists as terrorists for expressing their opinions, religion is BS, Islam is the worst of them at the current time. No religion deserves respect and when religious wingnuts are telling us they are committing their madness in the name of their religion and because of their beliefs we should believe them instead of trying to pretend that it were otherwise.

  • In reply to Alan Sargent:

    Are you a Muslim? How much do you even know about Islam? Islam is the fastest growing religion and has drawn converts from all walks of life. If Islam really was "bs" as you describe it or if it was really that bad, then I am sure that wouldn't be the case. Just because a group of people who call themselves Muslims but are not at all abiding by the rules Of Islam, we cannot assume and use that to generalize the large population. They are innocent just like us and have a right of freedom. People need to stop having such stereotypical thoughts about any religion. I feel horrible about the missing girls and I hope all the chaos ends soon and everyone gets to return home safely back to their families.

  • To you and all agents of hate and intolerance:

    I don't believe in what you believe in. You don't believe in what I believe in. I won't believe in what you do & you won't believe in what I do. So you be your way, and I'll be mine.

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