Cancer Survivor's Speech at Graduation is an inspiration to all

Thanks to all the hate in our world today we easily fall victim to missing the beautiful moments that happen everyday in our communities. The thing is we all face personal struggles, we all strive for a better life, and we all can use a little motivation from time to time.

Loyola University of Chicago held their graduation ceremony on May 9th, 2014.  It is here that a girl by the name of Ambreen Maan took center stage to speak on behalf for her fellow students. A Cancer survivor, an American Muslim, and so much more.  She began to inspire just by standing up on that stage in her Hijab as she represented the Jesuit university, however what followed in her speech is what truly touches the heart in ways that can't be put into words.

In this single moment she shattered stereo-types and served notice to all of life's demons, that come whatever may come the human spirit cannot be broken.  She represents all that is great about this City, we are of many Faiths and backgrounds, but we are one.

Thank you Ambreen Maan and everyone at Loyola University for giving us a hope for a better tomorrow.











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