About Unique:

           I'm from Chicago, Illinois. I'm on a very interesting & rebellious journey in life and I wanted to take you along with me. My rebellious journey is called, "Living Life for my own good" and that's exactly what I've been planning to do. I love skating, writing poetry, playing video games, biking, sightseeing, watching movies, talking, giving advice, and heeding advice. My favorite food is tacos, particularly from Chipotle and El Milagro.
           I am a social media director / strategist who currently specializes in social media for companies, artists, authors, and organizations. As well, I create strategies for the monitoring and control of your brand. I help to unify online presence by linking all social media platforms including websites, blog sites, facebook, twitter, myspace, Digg, StumbleUpon, and Ning. I'm also website developer. My ultimate goal is to orchestrate and speak at SM seminars, conferences, events, and training sessions all over the world.
          Through my blogs, I plan to uplift, inspire, encourage, make you laugh, and keep it real through the eyes of a unique perspective. Somtimes I'll be a critic, sometimes a big sister, sometimes a best friend, sometimes I'll give you constructive criticsim to show you that sometimes you need to lighten up. And yet sometimes you need to think deep, and still other times you need to be spontaneous, take risks, and live as such. Thank you for becoming a fan and welcome
to my journey.