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History Is on Japan's Side -    “In 2007, an international panel of experts developed a list of five conditions that need to be created in the early stages of mass trauma: 1. a sense of safety; 2. calm, 3. a sense of self and community efficacy; 4. connectedness; and 5. hope”- From The  New York Times op ed cited above. ... Read more »

Talk Doesn't Pay, So Psychiatry Turns to Drug Therapy -

Rembrandt The mental health universe that I call home has been stirred up by  Sunday’s NYTimes article about a forlorn physician, who bravely came out of the pharmaceutical closet to explain why he had removed the psyche from his practice of psychiatry. Medical economics. If psychiatry (from the Greek, Soul Healing) is in danger of... Read more »

May You Live In Interesting Times

During the past few weeks, as the tsunami of freedom has spread over the Arab world, the phrase above has been doing a ricochet in my head. These are interesting times, indeed.  Who knows what’s going to happen next? With freedom comes change, and with change comes anxiety. Like the kind of anxiety I have... Read more »