Time- It's Unstoppable

Question: Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? 
While Eastern religions and western physics emphasize that time is a man made illusion, I have a hard time buying this on a day to day basis. Time marches on, and we can't stop it. It's genuinely frustrating, isn't it? But impossible not to think about on New Year's Eve.  That's what I've been doing, and my thoughts have led me to this  conclusion: Christmas is when you remember how it felt in the days when time was something you had too much of. In terms of child development, that encompasses the period before age 9 or so. New Year's is when you think about the fact that it eventually runs out. In terms of child development, that's everything after age 9. And that's when you start looking for ways to stop time. Correction: to convince yourself you can.
There are lots of ways, many of them age appropriate, and culturally determined.  School, working, and raising a family are all healthy and socially useful activities that divert us from the hourglass that shows up on New Year's eve. Yoga is useful at any age, and good for flexibility.  And then there are the various "isms" and addictions ( alcoholism, workaholism, etc)   that have less obvious social benefits and actually hasten time's effects. They may even kill you. 
It is widely suspected that non-human animals  don't celebrate New Year's eve because they don't have self-consciousness, and without self- consciousness they cannot appreciate time (dolphins, I don' t mean you.)  For the rest of us, blessed and cursed with self-awareness,  it's a different story, and not so easy. The month of January which heralds the new year is named after the Roman god Janus, whose two heads look in different directions, one pointing forward to the future, the other back to the past. In a way, that's how we're built- knowing that time brings promise but also loss, and unable to keep ourselves from looking back to a time when we didn't know that. 
It's not easy being human. So let's take a cup of kindness yet...for auld lang syne.

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