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Time- It's Unstoppable

Question: Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?  While Eastern religions and western physics emphasize that time is a man made illusion, I have a hard time buying this on a day to day basis. Time marches on, and we can’t stop it. It’s genuinely frustrating, isn’t it? But impossible not to think... Read more »

Health Caring

The New York Times put health care back on the front page today by highlighting new Medicare regulations that will pay doctors who advise patients on options for end-of-life care. This got me thinking.  While we Americans bring enormous passion to our debate about health care, I have yet to meet anyone who really likes... Read more »


“Where has the starlight gone, dark is the day- how can I find my way home?”- Simba, “The Lion King” (Elton John and Tim Rice) One of the great unanswered riddles of the universe goes like this: “Is the world getting worse, or are we just more aware of it?”  Usually I think about this... Read more »

John Boehner's Tears- Part 2

 John Boehner cries when he thinks about the educational needs of America’s youth.  And if Rahm Emanuel passes the resident test, he’s placed the education of Chicago’s children at the top of his to do list.  Yes,  it’s that time of the year when we think about “the children,” and I’m in.  Psychoanalysts have long... Read more »

John Boehner's Tears Part 1

Why oh why does John Boehner cry? That is the question. Following a recent 60 minutes interview by Leslie Stahl, the internet has come alive with speculations about the tears and the man behind them. Are they authentic tears or crocodile tears? Are they a sign of male liberation or inebriation? Several op-ed pieces have... Read more »

The Rahm Emanuel Resident Test

The Rahm Emanuel Resident Test
What’s cold, dark, and endless? Winter in Chicago. And it’s not even officially winter yet. It’s easy to love this place in the summer, when it is the best place in the world.  But to sustain that love from November to April? These are indeed the times that try the souls of men, women, and all... Read more »


After the exhilaration of putting myself out there in cyberspace came… the terror. What have I gotten myself into? My inner Julian Assange has actually invited the world into my brain.  And, on top of that, I’ve committed myself to reading the news today.  OMG Wiki-Leaks!  The human desire to look in behind closed doors and the necessity... Read more »

Welcome, Dear Reader

 Welcome to my blog, dear reader. My goal in this and future communications is to look at events of the day from a psychoanalytic point of view.  Psychoanalysis? That Sigmund Freud thing?  Didn’t that go out with stegosaurus and all his dinosaur friends? Not at all. Since it’s inception, psychoanalytic thinking and practice has progressed... Read more »