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A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Oddly Linked

By Rick Kaempfer I don’t know if either Kim or I have previously written about the odd coincidences that have linked us for the past thirty years or so. We met in college at the University of Illinois, at the campus radio station WPGU. Kim was doing news and I was the DJ. Shortly after... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Legless Torso Book Promotion

By Rick Kaempfer I hope everyone goes out to see Kim today at the “What women want” expo. I’m excited for her that she is about to release her second novel “Down at the Golden Coin”. Kim and I have been friends for nearly (cough) 30 years, and we still consider it an incredible coincidence... Read more »

National Book Week: Why I'm happy Claudia didn't eat a booger on page 56

National Book Week: Why I'm happy Claudia didn't eat a booger on page 56
It’s National Book Week, at least according to Facebook, and in celebration, you’re supposed to reach for the closest book, go to page 56 and post the fifth sentence as your status, which really makes me happy the fifth sentence of my novel isn’t, “Claudia ate a booger,” or similar. And this is not because... Read more »

The E-End of Borders on Michigan

After I’d finished some Christmas shopping at Water Tower Place earlier this week, I walked across the street to the Borders on Michigan Avenue to say farewell. The store is closing, everything is on sale (except calendars, as I was secretly hoping) and there was quite a throng of people there. But there’s always been... Read more »