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Skecher Shape-ups Help My Plantar Fasciitis. Unfortunately.

A runner who can’t run is a person whom no one else wants to be around. Take it from me, a recently sidelined runner. It’s been 35 days (3 hours and thirteen minutes) since my last run. But my brand new pair of Skecher Shape-ups seems to be changing all that. I’ve been diagnosed with... Read more »

If Life is a Bowl of Acai Berries, Why Am I Doing Crunches on the Floor?

  A while back my friend (at least I thought he was my friend), Rick, sends me this link on Facebook, to help me take off the weight I put on over the holidays. I mean, ouch, right? (Rick later claimed a “virus” made him do it.) And I clicked on the link. Not only... Read more »