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Freedom is not Free: acitymom the chaperone returns from Washington DC

You probably thought acitymom didn’t survive her chaperoning experience, or that perhaps she and the other chaperones (who were all very cool, btw; not a hoverer in the bunch) had been tied up and locked on a bus while one-hundred eighth graders proceeded to wreak havoc on our nation’s Capitol, you know, kind of like... Read more »

A Fixed-Wing Parent in a Helicopter World? acitymom chaperones

Somehow, I don’t recall how it happened exactly, maybe I blocked it, but I’ve been cornered into chaperoning my sons’ eighth grade field trip to Washington DC. We leave tonight. By bus. Gaaaa I tried to see if I could, you know, just fly out there and meet them. No dice. Apparently, the school feels... Read more »