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Transitioning to Vibram running shoes II

Transitioning to Vibram running shoes II
Part II of my series: Transitioning to Vibram running shoes Yesterday I went for a second run in the Vibrams. (My mileage is waaay down this week due to a bout with a head-cold, which I usually run through, but this one made me not only congested but lazy, too.) Basically I did the same... Read more »

My Dog is a Poser

My Dog is a Poser
At nine years old, my dog Wrigley has been my faithful running companion for almost eight years now. Most days she has more energy than I do, running out in front of me as if to say, “C’mon!”, pacing on anyone who passes us, which is just about everyone. Speed has never been my forte... Read more »

Getting "Lanced"

It seems maybe that Do-Gooder Graffiti I wrote about last week is having an effect! My sons and I went for a run along the lakefront this afternoon and for the first time in a long time I didn’t get “Lanced.”  If you’ve ever run the lake, then you know of what I speak.  “Getting... Read more »

Race Against "The Day"

My sons and I went running together over the weekend, just down to the lake and back.  We’ve run together before over the years, though never quite this far.  I keep telling them that before long, there will come the day when I won’t be able to keep up with them. They’re thirteen now, very... Read more »

Why France needs A City Mom

The Champs de Mars is a beautiful place to run and when I’m in Paris, I take advantage of the opportunity by doing so. It’s a little more than a mile to make one loop around the park, and, terrific view of the Eiffel Tower notwithstanding, I have to admit my favorite part about the... Read more »