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A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: 20 Years of Marriage

By Rick Kaempfer Twenty years ago today I married my lovely bride, Bridget. This is a recent picture of the two of us in Italy, celebrating that anniversary a little bit early. When you say the number “20” it sounds like a very long time ago, and I suppose it is, but I have no... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: German Practical Jokes

By Rick Kaempfer Yesterday was my mom’s 70th birthday, and we bought her a computer. This will be her first one, and she’s a little scared about jumping into the 1980s so quickly, without cautiously getting a feel for the landscape. Who knows if this computer thingee will catch on? I should tell you a... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: All Things Must Pass

By Rick Kaempfer I made a comment on my Facebook status update yesterday about Theo Epstein’s arrival in Chicago, and it somehow degenerated into a discussion of passing gas with my Facebook friends. I have to admit, this sort of thing happens to me a lot. The subject matter isn’t my favorite, but it sort... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: 16 Years Ago Today

By Rick Kaempfer Sixteen years ago I was working in radio; part of the John Records Landecker show on WJMK in Chicago. We constantly discussed our personal lives on the air, so when my wife Bridget became pregnant with our first child, her pregnancy was closely followed on the air. We played the audio of... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Woodpecker Warrior

By Rick Kaempfer For the past five years I’ve had an on again-off again battle with a neighborhood woodpecker. I’ll never forget the day I discovered who my nemesis was. He (or she) sounded just like a jackhammer. I lived in Chicago for many years, and the sound of a jackhammer in the morning wasn’t... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Hank Williams and the Dixie Chicks

By Rick Kaempfer I’ve been following this story about Hank Williams Jr. comparing the president to Hitler with great interest. Not because I’m a Hank Williams fan or anti-fan, and not because I was particularly offended by what he said. The reason I find the story so interesting is that it reminds me very much... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Legless Torso Book Promotion

By Rick Kaempfer I hope everyone goes out to see Kim today at the “What women want” expo. I’m excited for her that she is about to release her second novel “Down at the Golden Coin”. Kim and I have been friends for nearly (cough) 30 years, and we still consider it an incredible coincidence... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: 9/11 with Eddie Munster

By Rick Kaempfer I’ve really enjoyed Kim’s pieces about her heartfelt 9/11 memories. My own memory from that day isn’t, I suppose, what you would consider poignant, but it certainly was memorable. I spent my 9/11 morning on the phone, speaking to Eddie Munster. At the time I was working in radio as the executive... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: The Snotty Police

By Rick Kaempfer I absolutely loved Kim’s City Mom post this week about the uppity writing instructor. It was satisfying to see her get back at the teacher because he committed my favorite unpardonable sin: Unnecessary Snottiness. I’ve been fighting back against this my whole life; it’s a hobby of mine. Lest you think I’m... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Ode to a Handshake

By Rick Kaempfer As I get older, I’m getting less and less comfortable in social situations. It’s not the small talk that gets to me, it’s the greetings. You see, I was brought up by Germans. Germans have one standard greeting that works in all situations. It’s called a handshake. It’s nothing fancy. I extend... Read more »