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Guest Post, Patrick O'Hara: Songs We Lose in the Break Up

One sad reality of a break up, perhaps the biggest loss of them all is the music.  The songs you listened to together, the ones that remind you of love.  The songs you sang because that person made you feel like singing.  The first song you heard when you kissed, the first one when you... Read more »

Guest Post, Patrick O'Hara: A Music Geek Laments Radio.

I am a music nut, not a day passes when I have not listened to music.  I have a wide range of tastes, I like popular bands but love artists no one has heard of. I began my music education listening to my dad’s LPs but a large part of my music taste was given... Read more »

Guest Post, Patrick O'Hara: Why I love music.

I love music, like maybe more than most people.  Music still hits me hard, like hearing a song play and getting goose bumps.  I do not go a day and barely hours without listening to music, in fact, I am listening “Lakeshore” by Of Monsters and Men while I type this.  Check it out you... Read more »