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A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Aging Rockers

By Rick Kaempfer I just watched the latest video by Van Halen and I had mixed emotions. On the one hand I love Van Halen–and I’m excited that they are back in the saddle again touring the world with David Lee Roth as the frontman. I’d love to see that concert. On the other hand…I’m... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: The Truth about So-Called Handymen

By Rick Kaempfer I used to feel guilty about my skills as a handyman. I don’t have any. I’m more of a “Wow your hands are really soft, do you use Palmolive?” kind of guy. If it’s broken, I can’t fix it. That’s not just being defeatist, that’s forty-plus years of experience saving me lots... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: LOUD!

By Rick Kaempfer My boys have been home for nearly two weeks now for Christmas vacation, and my ears are ringing. I really don’t think I’m particularly sensitive to loud noises. In fact, I’m nearly deaf after 20-plus years of working in rock and roll radio. But there’s no getting around it: my two youngest... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: A Twenty Five Year Old Bet

By Rick Kaempfer Two of my college roommates were named Dave and Steve. These two guys were more than just roommates; they were soul mates. They spent every waking hour with each other, generally doing absolutely nothing. (Full disclosure: I was often hanging around doing the same thing). Well, when two guys spend that much... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Oddly Linked

By Rick Kaempfer I don’t know if either Kim or I have previously written about the odd coincidences that have linked us for the past thirty years or so. We met in college at the University of Illinois, at the campus radio station WPGU. Kim was doing news and I was the DJ. Shortly after... Read more »