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A decision I regret.

I wrestle with what I want to write about sometimes.  As a comedian I feel like everything I post should be funny, but then there is a real and human side to me as well.  The funny escapes every now and then but sometimes I just need to have a voice. This is one of... Read more »

Guest poster Patrick O'Hara: Lance Armstrong is no inspiration.

Last week the US Anti-Doping Agency formally charged Lance Armstorng with possession and use of testosterone and blood doping.  In a move that could possibly strip him of his 7 Tour de France Titles.  For a long time Lance has been seen as an inspiration to cancer patients and survivors.  As a survivor myself I... Read more »

The Sun Sign Person Formerly Known As

Finally. Someone has come along to explain the mayhem in my life.The New Zodiac  And to think all this time I thought I was a Cancer married to an Aquarius with two Capricorn and one Sagittarian child. Now, I can see the root of the problem. I’m really a Gemini married to a Capricorn with... Read more »