Fitbit flex: Friend or foe?

Fitbit flex: Friend or foe?
Mock me no more, fitbit!

For his birthday, my husband received a brand new fitbit charge. He loved his old fitbit flex so much, the birthday fairy thought he might enjoy an upgrade. And she also thought, watching his old fitbit sit idle on the dresser for weeks, she might enjoy joining the fitbit fray herself.

But she was wrong.

I am no fan of the fitbit.

It was easy enough to sign in and sync my new/old fitbit, but then…well, then it became a project. And as any frequent reader of A City Mom can tell you, she doesn’t like projects. Especially “Time Sink” projects.

I found myself checking my fitbit dashboard, if I may confess, a wee bit compulsively. Terrific. One more thing to do every day. Who doesn’t like adding items to her daily To-Do list?

But my fitbit and its dashboard companion weren't making me feel better or behave more healthily (more healthfully?)  All my fitbit succeeded at was making me feel bad.

I’d give it a friendly tap. One lone light flickered. Mocking me. “You slug,” it seemed to say. I’d feel bad every time I didn’t get ten-thousand steps in. Never-mind that I did a ninety-minute Bikram Yoga class that had me sweating buckets and made me sore the next day -- nope. That ninety minutes? Four steps.

In the morning, I’d awaken feeling pretty good. I’d stretch. Aah. Ready to start the day! Until I checked my fitbit dashboard...

“Strickland,” it would chastise. “You slept like s$#* last night! Awake three times. Restless forty-seven. Look at all those unhappy red bars.” My sleep efficiency a mere 56%. How could I feel good about myself now? I'd just learned I was an inefficient sleeper! And then instead of feeling pretty good all day, I’d find myself feeling more tired than I think I should have had I not seen all those unhappy red bars.

A recent Tribune Newspapers article talks about the high-tech future of health care. Things like Sensoria fitness socks telling runners their cadence and foot landing pattern and the Sensoria Fitness bra with a heart rate monitor that can talk to your phone. So perhaps fitbit and its ilk are the wave of the future. But you can count me out. Frankly, I don’t want my bra talking to anyone.

It's my firm belief that a person such as myself who has passed the half-century mark and can still comfortably run four miles and do 90-minutes of hot yoga has to be, overall, pretty healthy and does not need to be reminded on "rest" days (Yeah right. What are those?) that I only walked six-thousand steps while doing laundry and running to the grocery store. In other words, this fitbit craze and health care tech revolution are welcome to go on without me.

Although. Those Sensoria fitness running socks...

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