Bunnies: This is a Test

Bunnies: This is a Test

Bunnies are so cute! They are soft and cuddly and they have those adorable, long floppy ears and those cute tiny  little bunny noses. Who doesn’t love a bunny? They’re vegetarian. They don’t make noise. Bunnies are just really, really sweet. I love bunnies.

That’s right. This is animal testing at its worst. And what am I getting at here? Haters. Specifically hateful internet commenters. So, I'm just throwing some bunny bait out there to see, who will be the first Elmer Fudd to chime in with a Bunnies? I hate them! Or They eat my lettuce. Or They leave turds in my yard. Or Bunnies—get off my lawn!

This has been a test. (Actually, I just made a bet with a friend, we’ll call her “Margie.” I told her, somewhat facetiously, that I could write a blog about bunnies and somehow find a way to attract angry commenters. So, we’ll see… )

Remember, this is only a test. In the event of an actual bunny-hater emergency, I'll be happy to tell you where to go.

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