Skinny Mirrors - You know what I'm talking about

Skinny Mirrors - You know what I'm talking about

Finally, a store that gets it. When I’m out shopping for clothes, I totally want to be lied to by the mirror. I want a Skinny Mirror.

Now don’t you be pretending you don’t know what I’m talking about, because don’t we all know the one mirror in our house that was forged, fun-house style, at the factory so now it somehow makes you look thinner whenever you see yourself in it. (That mirror at our house is on my husband’s closet and you had better believe it’s my favorite go-to mirror.)

Well, the other day I was trying on a dress at TJ Maxx (I am nothing if not a smart shopper.) and as I stood assessing said dress in the three-sided mirror, I thought, “Wow. This dress is pretty flattering!” But that’s because I was looking at it in the larger, central mirror. When I turned to assess my, um, assets in the side mirrors – well, perhaps you heard my gasp of horror?

TJ Maxx, in my assessment, had installed a “Skinny Mirror.”

Whether this was intentional on their part or not, I don’t know, but if I had to guess, it was. Because, in case you haven’t been there in a while, they’ve added some other nice features as well, like lighting that doesn’t zombify your skin-tone or add a scoop of whipped cream to cottage-cheese thighs.

Why did it take a store so long to figure this out? It seems like every dressing room I’ve ever been in has horrible harsh fluorescent lighting and what I swear are the opposite equivalent of the Skinny Mirror, the cruel and unforgiving, forged in Mordor, Fat Mirrors. (Look away. Look away!)

They've even gone so far as to install a sign that does not even bother with subliminal advertising or subtlety.

A little pushy, but yeah. I mean, if you’re not there with your girlfriend who tells you to buy it (or not) why not listen to a sign on the dressing room door? It’s a sign! 

The dress I tried on? I bought it. And let me tell you, if I say so myself, it really is pretty flattering – as long as I’m wearing it in front of my husband’s closet.


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