In Illinois "Congress" is another word for getting f*^%#ed

In Illinois "Congress" is another word for getting f*^%#ed

Today A City Mom is taking a page from our state congress and adjourning for her summer vacation early. Since these legislative idiots totally wimped out, took the chicken-%^$ road and went home to their swimming pools before voting on gay marriage and the uber important and fiscally terrifying if it doesn't get fixed soon pension reform, A City Mom thinks we should all start our summer breaks right now, too.

So, starting right now, I am taking the summer off. No more voting on Jif versus Skippy peanut butter at the grocery store. Not for A City Mom! I’ll be home on my couch with my feet up on a pillow eating bon bons and looking for the remote control. No more important decisions for me. No more deciding if the line of cars at the Addison stoplight is too long  and should I sneak around side streets to get my daughter to school on time. Forgetabout it. She can walk. I’m on summer break. Balance the checkbook? Oh, fiscal responsibility is for little people. Taxpayers and such. I’m kind of a big deal, you know, so worrying about eating dog food during my retirement because I’ll be paying (and my kids and their kids) will be paying taxes at a rate of 80% isn’t really a concern of mine. (Because it looks like keeping the 67% state income tax increase is going to slide through.)

Somehow our congress managed a vote on gun control and sent it to Governor Quinn (but they were under the gun, so to speak—a June 9th Federal Appeals Court deadline. It was like they had to do something.) And sure they voted on the congressional budget, probably first, because that’s where they get paid. I wish I could vote on my own pay budget. I would vote myself a raise every year and a summer vacation that’s three months long.

Is anyone else as embarrassed and angry as I am to live in Illinois? Where the people we elected to take action are on vacation right now while those of us fortunate enough to have jobs continue to work harder to pay more and more in taxes. I would write my congressmen again, but I know from experience the pointlessness of that exercise in futility.


Con-gress (noun)

1. conference or meeting

2. organized group

3. Same as sexual intercourse.


In Illinois, I think the only definition that could possibly apply is the latter. Because in Illinois, us taxpayers always manage to get f*&%ed.


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