Five types of advice I don't think I have to put up with

Several years ago, I took one of my New Age woo-hoo classes, and as part of our homework we were assigned the task of not giving advice to anyone for two weeks. I had never really noticed how often I’d tried to pipe in with advice or recommendations, even when I probably had no business doing so. It showed me how often everyone gives advice to other people whether we should or not, because a side effect of the homework was noticing how often others gave unsolicited advice to me.

Why is it we as a species always feel so compelled to give advice? I think, in recommending something to others, we’re just trying to validate ourselves in some way. It makes us feel important and knowledgable   knowledgible  really smart. All that being said, I still think there are a few types of advice bestowers up with which we should not put.


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