New Year’s Resolution Time 2013

New Year’s Resolution Time 2013

Once again, it’s that most wonderful time of year, when I sit down at my computer and brainstorm creative and exciting new New Year’s Resolutions for my friends and family. However, last year, as in all the years past, I have had limited success in getting my friends and family on board with this program. My husband still leaves socks on the floor. Every last bit of glassware from our kitchen is still to be found on a daily basis up in my son’s bedroom, resting on every available surface and filled half-full (I said, half-full!) of water, and my daughter still gets nail polish on the white carpeting in her room. So, it’s perhaps with no small amount of regret that this year I’m choosing to abandon this resolution-making-for-others, because as we all know, change starts at home.

This year I resolve that the 1970’s blue sink in our master bedroom will magically transform into white marble and that the filthy originally white Berber carpeting in the upstairs hallway (The family we bought the house from had five children. What were they thinking?) will no longer look like cat-vomit Twister (Every time a cat horks up a hairball and we scrub it clean, it leaves a relatively less gray crop circle. For fun, we play Twister.) and will transform into a gorgeous light-oak stained, reclaimed pine floor. Right. I know. Asking for this kind of magic is as unrealistic as expecting my husband to pick up his socks.

Change is hard, especially the kind of change that is good for us, that New Year’s Resolution kind of change. Some years I do a pretty decent job of keeping resolutions, some years, not so much. Like last year, I resolved to start a meditation practice, you know, five to ten-minutes of quiet deep breathing and introspection every day. If anyone could use a few moments of alone time to quiet their frenetic brain, it’s me. Alone time is hard to come by in my world, though. I think I made it to January third. And while it’s not the most epic failure in the world, it still makes me feel bad I didn’t accomplish this one simple thing. But this failure is handy, in that now I can use starting a meditation practice again as my resolution for 2013! (like re-gifting, only easier!)

All kidding aside, I actually really love New Year’s Resolution time and the process of setting goals for myself and envisioning positive change in my life. I mean, if you don’t have some goals, then what’s the point? But I also think we should go easy on ourselves if we fail to meet those goals in a timely manner, or at all. Like I said, change is hard. It can take time. And self-forgiveness is an important, positive, life-changing goal as well. Maybe I'll add it to my resolution list, along with a vow to be more forgiving of others (change starts at home!) Just don't be getting any bright ideas if you happen to be someone with a proclivity for leaving socks or hairballs on my floor.

Have a wonderful, fruitful and Happy New Year!

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