Facebook's "Other" in-box: Do you know about it?

Facebook's "Other" in-box: Do you know about it?

This morning I just discovered an e-mailbox I didn’t know I had. It had 53 messages in it. A lot of them were important. No one should have to wake up this way. Ever. Thanks a lot, Facebook.

I’m all for surprises, but who wants to be snuck up on by an unknown in-box? I mean frankly, you should know the whereabouts of your inbox(es) at all times. I am practically on a crusade against letting silence be my reply and then, and then… Gaaaa, all these people get my silence as a reply!

You see, Facebook has this “Other” in-box that you can only access by going to the bottom of your regular inbox window and hitting “See All,” which would seem to me should allow you to see all your inbox messages at once. At least the ones that you already get notifications for and not all sorts of messages from others—people who are not friends on Facebook and who you DON'T get notifications for at all. This is NOT INTUITIVE, Facebook!!

Here is a sampling of some of the messages I found in my new “Other” Mailbox:

One really nice email from a guy I used to do some blogging for who I thought had just stopped corresponding with me and that I’ve been kind of annoyed with for same for the last nine months. He was inviting me to a party.

A got an email from Bookies Paperbacks Bookstore inviting me to do a signing there. I weep with regret at the lost marketing opportunity.

A kind letter from a reader who won my book in a Goodreads contest and apologized for not thanking me sooner, but she’s been busy as she had to go visit her sister in Houston, but she has started the book and was intrigued by the premise. Seriously, the onus for late gratitude is on me.

A former flight student who told me I was a cool instructor. Neat, huh? And I never replied until this morning. How cool am I now?

An invitation from a local TV show to appear with my family. Nah, that wouldn’t have sold any books.

So, consider this a public service from your City Mom. Unless of course you enjoy ignoring nice people, not corresponding with your readers or letting silence be your reply when someone offers up a way to help you sell some books.


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