Stepping out of my binder: A City Mom waxes political

Stepping out of my binder: A City Mom waxes political

Normally, A City Mom, shies away from politics, but today she’s going to step out of her binder, not to talk politics per se, but to talk about this wonderful new meme, “A binder full of women” that we now have, thanks to politician Mitt Romney. The words went viral almost before they were out of his mouth.

I missed the debate (I was in France. I know, poor me.), but Wednesday afternoon while on the “L” on my way home from the airport I was catching up with everything that happened during the debate and, for the first time in all the years commuting home on the Blue Line, I missed my stop. I don’t know if the whole binder thing was that riveting or if I was just that tired, but wow, I couldn’t wait to write about it, but of course I had to wait until I got home an unearthed my computer from underneath the laundry and junk mail that had accumulated on top of it during my absence.

The whole “binder full of women” phrase both simultaneously abrades and appeals to our funny bones, I think, because it just sounds so anachronistic. Binders conjure up images of corsets, or the practice of foot binding young Chinese girls. Merriam Webster defines “bind” as: a: to make secure by tying. b: to confine, restrain, or restrict as if with bonds. c : to put under an obligation. Do you see why women are railing against our binders?

I don’t want to be accused of walking around with binders on, but I just had to weigh in on the discussion, even if I am a few days late. Part of the delay was, of course, because I missed my stop and had to walk three extra blocks, but also the fact that after waking up at midnight and flying for nine hours, my day job, flying jets, returned me home in time for me to cook dinner for my family (Tuna casserole, if you must know.), just like everyone would expect.


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