Guest Post, Patrick O'Hara: I Remember Having Days Off...

I remember as a kid having every day off memorized.  I would count them out and figure out just how many days off of school I had.  Teacher Institute Day!!!  I had no idea what the hell that was, all I knew is that I was off that day.  I mean it was like a great holiday.  I could sleep in and not go anywhere my only responsibility that day was putting pants on…. Well maybe.

Now I am just a working hack, I have a job where we only get the big holidays off.  Well if you are lucky, my place of employment is open every single day on the calendar and every hour of that every day.  I do not so much mind working the holidays.  I get out early enough to still see family and the like and I get paid double time.

However, I just do not know what days are holidays anymore.  The days of institute days are only in my past.  Columbus Day was apparently on Monday, how about that, I do not mark it off the calendar anymore because I totally have to work that day.

I do have two vacation days forthcoming so I am dubbing one day “Patrick is a Stud Day” it might be more specific than that though, cannot have every Patrick thinking the day is about him.  Too many ugly Patricks would take advantage and no doubt use that as a pick up line.  The second day will be dubbed “Patrick May Not Shower Today Day” just a lazy day, of course I will shower, I have to for the party celebrating me, and mandatory surprise party.

Honestly what is the next holiday?  Thanksgiving?  Is there a presidential birthday we celebrate in between?  I need to know so I can plan my made up holidays accordingly.

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