Guest Post, Patrick O'Hara: I Am Not Really The Costume Type.

I am not much of a Halloween party person.  I mean I like parties and Halloween is alright but why would I pretend to be someone else.  I mean I am pretty awesome.  Some might even dress up like me this Halloween. Hey it could happen…

Anyway most if not all Halloween parties require a costume.  Every year I watch my friends fret about what to wear.  If I have to dress up I will just wear my 25 year old He-Man costume.  I mean it does not fit anymore, but it does not get any more “man” than that.  Just a couple of creative cover ups and I am golden.

I am just not a fan of playing dress up.  I mean I buy my clothes so I can wear them socially.  I would rather not spend cash on a “Walking Dead” costume that I am only going to wear once.  Well I might wear it more if zombies ever really happen.  I mean they do not eat their own right?  I would be a safe fake zombie.  Come to think of it, it might be a good idea.

I do not think I am going to any parties this year.  For a time I tried to use the calendar app on my phone but then I convinced myself that I could remember events.  I can’t.  Anyway if it is okay for me to go as me I will go and how about I do not shave then I can look like bearded me.  That rarely happens so it would pretty much be a costume.

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