Guest Blogger, Patrick O'Hara: I Am the Cool Friend of Parents Guy

I am a guest here, and I know the name of this blog.   That being said I do not have any children.  I know not every blog here is about kids but I figured I should write about something parent related.   So here goes…

Being a comedian I have a hard time being serious most of the time.  I know when I need to be serious so I bottle it up for those moments.  I am friends with many parents and I have adopted the cool dude that parents know.  Well in my mind I have so we will just go with it.

I am the guy that when you parents say no to something I say oh just go ahead.  I do follow it up with a “but I am not your parent so I am not liable for any ensuing punishment”.  So I suppose in a way I am cancelling out my actions with and equal and opposite reaction.  That my friends it physics.   I lost my point.  Oh yeah…

I actually think I will make a great parent one day.  Truth Is I have been married and she had a daughter and I was a father to her.  I miss those days sometimes but then I remember that one day when she went missing on my watch and I had to call my wife at work.  I lucked out and left a message to have her call me back.  By then I found her child and all was well except I might have suffered a tiny heart attack.

Anyway, I look forward to having a child.  I am planning naming my first Practice Baby, you know just calling it what it is.  I will be a great father I am excited about one day having a child of my own.  In the meantime I am just enjoying watch my friends raise brilliant kids.  Seriously they are way smarter than I am.  I saw one child’s homework the other day and said I am just going to assume that is right.

Gosh parenting is hard for even just the cool friend of the parents.

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