Come on down to the Joliet Regional Author Fair!

Come on down to the Joliet Regional Author Fair!

The weather is supposed to stink tomorrow, so why not come on by the Joliet Library and say "Hi"? I'll be there, along with about fifty other Chicago area authors, all of us selling and signing copies of our books.  I'll have both my novels, Wish Club, and my latest, Down at the Golden Coin, available for the low, low price of $10 each. (That's two for twenty-dollars!! What a bargain!)

Wish Club, with its witchy storyline, makes an awesome Halloween or October book club read. Christmas is just a couple of months away (okay, you can slug me if you make it there) and a personalized and  autographed book makes an excellent gift!

C'mon, what else would be better than books, writers and a library on a rainy day?


Joliet Library Regional Author Fair


3395 Black Road

Joliet, IL 60431

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