Making seven figures and feeling left out? Apply for credit at TJ Maxx!

Making seven figures and feeling left out? Apply for credit at TJ Maxx!

Bargain shopping at stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s (and Filene’s Basement, RIP, sniff sniff) is one of my favorite things to do. We women are supposed to be the gatherers, but me, I like the thrill of the hunt. (Although, I did manage to “gather” quite a bit of workout gear today.) While I was checking out, the nice young man behind the counter asked if I’d like to apply for the TJ Maxx credit card to get 10% off my purchase.

“How much does it cost to save ten-percent?”

“There’s no charge.”

“What’s the annual fee?”

“There’s no annual fee?”

So I signed up. (Sorry, honey. But it was all in the interest of saving money. And I saved you lots of money today!)

As I was filling out the form, I was required to enter our annual household income from all sources. I know! Why, it was only a few years ago you could qualify for a mortgage if you had a paper route, and now they wanted to know our annual household income (from ALL sources!) so I could buy a pair of yoga shorts.

I became momentarily confused filling out that particular portion of the form, because there were a lot of squares, and I thought, They can’t possibly expect a person to know their household income down to the cent, but when I looked at it more closely, I saw there were no periods, only commas, and there were seven total squares. Seriously? They’d made accommodations for those folks with seven figure incomes? How thoughtful! No millionaire left behind!

I know millionaires are people, too, and millionaire women probably like a bargain as much as the next woman, but, I don’t know, are they really targeting their market here? In the middle of the worst recession in a century, with unemployment so high, they decided now is the time to add that seventh square? Or maybe they're just preparing for hyperinflation. Regardless, it just struck me as odd. I mean, I'd never seen that seventh square anywhere else before, and it seems like every single store you go into these days has its own card you have to find room to stuff in your wallet somewhere so you can get your store discount.

Personally, I think we should all have our own cards that all the stores have to keep on hand and show to us if they want us to spend our money there. But that's just me. And I'm pretty sure if I applied for a Nieman Marcus credit card, I would open up the form and it would say, "You don't belong here." But I'm all for inclusivity and if seven squares is what it takes for those seven-figure earners to not feel left out, than I'm all for it. Hmm. You don't suppose they'd feel the same way about inclusivity if I'd, say, apply for membership at the yacht club, do you?


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