Felicia Middlebrooks (et al) you are not my mother

Felicia Middlebrooks (et al) you are not my mother

Hey radio personalities, TV news anchors and other journalists: stop dispensing advice and just dispense (impartially, please) the news. Just tell me the weather and I’ll decide how I want to handle it, okay? I’m a big girl. Have been for a long (long, long) time. So, tell me if it’s going to be a nice day. Tell me if it’s going to rain, and then I’ll decide if I want to schlepp an umbrella around all day. Do not tell me I need to “go back inside and get my umbrella” like you’re my mother. Nobody likes a bossy mother, so imagine how we feel about a bossy radio.

Tell me the sun is going to be shining all day and give me the UV index, don’t tell me I need to “slather on the sunscreen.” Tell me the high temperature and I’ll decide if I want to bring a jacket. The only person on the planet that’s allowed to tell me to “bring a sweater” is my mom and even she knows better now that I'm all grown up. In fact, I don't even force my own kids into coats and jackets--I merely suggest they might be more comfortable if they listened to their mama. Freezing your butt off in a windbreaker on a cold day is behavior that's self-correcting.

So on a beautiful day, don't say to me, "You’ve just got to get outdoors today.”  I do not have to go outside and play any more. (Think about the poor office workers who can't  get outside and your statement comes off as downright mean.)

And also, you don’t know if I’m running late or if I’m a sleepy head or if I’ve been awake since eleven p.m. last night and am already on my way home from work. So can we knock it off with the bogus psychic intuiting, please?

Whew. A City Mom sure got cranky. It's almost like she got caught outside in the cold and rain without her jacket or an umbrella.


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