No gift necessary, just send cash. Thoughtfulness not required!

No gift necessary, just send cash. Thoughtfulness not required!

Reading the paper the other day I stumbled upon an article in the USA Today: The Digital Traveler, about a website called “Wanderable” that lets couples register for their honeymoon. They can sign-up for a cruise or plane tickets or a couples massage and the best part is that you can pay for it! With your own cash! I know!

I have a better idea. Couples, just flat-out ask for the cash. Because it’s much more honest. Be like the out of town wedding shower invitation I received, which stated that they knew it would be much easier for out of town guests to just send money as opposed to choosing and buying and shipping a gift from the registry. They wanted money for their honeymoon; it said so on the invitation. I'd received an invitation to a party they’d already assumed I wouldn't attend! Even though this would have Miss Manners rolling in her grave, you know, if she were dead, it has a sort of pugnacious innocence about it.

We all know what we’re supposed to do when we get wedding and shower invitations. So at least let us pretend to do it: thoughtfully choose and send a gift, even if that gift is money. This is what I chose to do for the out-of-town shower. I chose to thoughtfully send a very generous gift of $25 to the happy couple. I never even received a thank you note. What this says to me is they did not appreciate my very generous gift of $25 and therefore, they would not appreciate a very generous gift of $150 that I would send them for their wedding. So I never sent it.

But now, with Wanderable, you can put a thin veil on your cash grab and, under the pretense of registering for your champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, get cold hard cash from all your friends and family. The USA Today article does say that it is within the realm of possibility that couples could just take the cash and use it for anything they want, like pursuing their dream to become dueling professional yodelers, or they could even be pretending to be getting married in the first place, just to get their hands on your money. I say, why bother with Wanderable at all. Just be honest, ask for the dough up front. But however you choose to grab your cash, I would recommend saying “thank you” when you receive it.


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