Dead Body Pose knocks me into the moment. Finally.

Dead Body Pose knocks me into the moment. Finally.

The right side of my face was smashed into my towel. I was breathing hard, sweating like a pig and my heart was racing. My mind was racing, too, already dreading the yoga pose coming up next, Floor Bow. I was in Savasana, Dead Body pose. The resting pose. It was then my inner personal trainer spoke to me, “Knock it off,” she said. “You’re missing the best part.”

We all have our A-ha moments. For me they come while running or when doing Bikram yoga. Sometimes after Chardonnay. Rarely after martinis. Today, it was during Savasana with sweat pouring in my eyes. I was totally screwing up the rest pose. I should have been relaxing, just breathing. Instead of enjoying the moment, the break, I was missing it.

We’ve all heard Emerson’s quote, “Life is a journey, not a destination." If you’re like me, you’re like, “Yeah, yeah. That’s right. Enjoy the journey. Fine. But I need to get the shopping done and pick up my kid at Taekwondo, etc., etc.” Living in the Now, has never been my forte.

But as I lay there this morning, those words, “You’re missing the best part,” are what struck me. Hard. Perhaps my inner personal trainer is actually an inner guru, because I think that’s how I needed to hear all this Living-in-the-Moment ideology phrased. I mean, I even wrote a novel about living in the moment and still I struggle.

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What other “best parts” have I been missing by being so obsessed with the future or the past? Life will be so much better when the attic is finished, when the kids are older, when the dog isn’t a puppy anymore, as soon as I get a raise. Life will be so much better as soon as my book hits the bestseller list, my blog has a thousand followers, when, when, when…

And so I continued to screw up Savasana for a little while longer, coming up with all sorts of examples from my life of how, by worrying about or wishing for more in the future, I was more than likely missing the best part. Right now.

Now: when I’m still “young”, when my kids are at home, when the dog is still with us, when the attic is the best place on the planet to hide crap you don’t want anyone else to see!

Frank Sinatra’s song, The Best is Yet to Come, is one of my favorites and its message has always made me smile and given me hope. And while it may be true, I think my teeny-tiny little moment of enlightenment requires an adjustment to that line of thinking, that the best is yet to come. I need to stop missing what very likely really is the best part. I need to stop missing out on so much of my Now.

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