Can this Cubs fan promote the White Sox?

Can this Cubs fan promote the White Sox?
You have to understand: this is painful for me

So there are these really nice PR ladies who keeps sending me really nice (read: flattering) emails asking me to blog about and attend their events. I’m tempted to help them out, just because they are so nice and actually do make an effort to read my blog—unlike a lot of the PR people who contact me and ask me to write about whatever it is they’re promoting without actually checking-out my blog. They want me to write about daycare or coffee shops, diapers or the new style of binkies. (I have three teenagers who, as far as I know, are not the least bit interested in diapers or binkies. Although my daughter has an unnatural love of coffee. (She gets that from me.))

Anyway, every time I think about giving these nice PR ladies a shout out, just for their effort, I check the Cubs standings in the NL Central (Only 20 games back!). Then there’s, well, there’s the folks they work for. The White Sox. I know! Do you see my dilemma? I should probably play nice, and cheer for all the hometown teams, but… but…I just can’t do it. Too many of my White Sox-cheering friends don’t play nice, having spent far too much of their lives rubbing my face in my team’s bad century. But hey, any team can have a bad century, right?

Now I don’t want to get into the whole Cubs fans vs. Sox fans thing here, as it can be a somewhat explosive topic and, as a general rule, I don’t like explosives, except for maybe those Snap-n-pops! But let me just say, when the NATO conference was in town, I was pointing out to anyone who would listen that all the insane security measures where misplaced down at McCormick center, what with the cross-town classic going on at Wrigley Field.

Although I must admit, I do love that million-mullet march joke. (What do you call a million Sox fans walking to Comisky Park?) After I told it to one of my Sox-fan friends, we’ll call him “Rich”, he asked if, when my son and I were heading out to the Cubs game the next day, “Are you all going to drape your polo sweaters over your shoulders and tie the sleeves across your chests?”

I just poked fun at Cubs fans. See? I can be fair and balanced.

Oh, what the heck. None of the Cubs PR people have ever tried to contact me to write anything about my team. Here you go nice PR ladies, Alli and Hayden. A shout out just for you.

This Sunday, August 5. The first 10,000 kids age 13 and under in attendance at the…the…gulp, White Sox Game, will receive a Kids Chest Protector Backpack, like the one pictured above!

The Sox are playing the Angels and you should go root for your team. Besides, the backpack looks pretty cool (not as cool as it would look if it had the Cubs logo on it, just saying.) And, full disclosure, you should know I was not compensated by the White Sox organization in any way for this blog post, but if they were to consider it, I'll take my Polo shirt in Cubby blue.

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