Squeaky wheel gets greased: Southwest Airlines gives me my money back!

After a recent post about how Selfish Southwest Airlines seat-saving passengers suck, I was contacted by someone from Southwest Airlines Customer Relations who apologized (twice) for my disappointment and said the money my family had paid for the upgrades would be refunded. Wow. This is why that airline has such a wonderful customer service reputation.

I do understand the seat-saving tight-rope they’re walking over there: letting someone save a seat for a co-worker or family member who booked at a different time and/or has a different boarding priority seems, even to curmudgeony old me, mostly harmless. But where do you draw the line? One seat? Two? When we boarded, entire rows had been blocked off and it looked to me like the passengers I encountered on my flight had saved seats for everyone travelling in their party as a way to avoid paying the extra fees ($10 per ticket) for early boarding priority.

The nice Southwest Airlines lady acknowledged this so-called “tight-rope” and said my experience and concerns would be passed along to their “Senior Leaders.” And then she thanked me for bringing it to their attention.

While I don’t know what the final impact, if any, my little rant will have on their priority boarding and seat-saving policy, I will say now that super Southwest Airlines customer service is sweet! But for us, it's really just too bad the fifty-bucks we're getting back has already been spent ;-)


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  • And, by the way, when I flew on Southwest on Sunday, the guy who checks boarding passes at the Raleigh-Durham airport made an announcement about how saving seats is not permitted.

  • In reply to John Chatz:

    WOW! This is a very exciting and interesting development! I've never heard them make that announcement before. Maybe my blog rant did have an effect! Thanks John!!

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