Guest Post, Patrick O'Hara: Why I love music.

I love music, like maybe more than most people.  Music still hits me hard, like hearing a song play and getting goose bumps.  I do not go a day and barely hours without listening to music, in fact, I am listening “Lakeshore” by Of Monsters and Men while I type this.  Check it out you will love it, also imagine it blaring from your stereo while driving on Lakeshore Drive.

I have had a long affair with music, it has been my best friend, and it has been a date on a lonely night.  I know I can rely on it to make me feel.  It makes me feel every single emotion, but I always end up in the same place: happiness.

I remember sitting in the room of my house which was always undefined.  There was a record player and giant speakers.  My dad had loads of albums I would randomly select a few and learn what music was.  I listened with my head and my heart, I was in love, well whatever that felt like at the age of 10.

Anyway, there is much lacking in “pop” music.  Sure there is emotion but it is manufactured, a man or woman with a voice created by machines singing words written by someone else.  You may be able to fool people for a short time but it is fleeting and you will go down in flames like so many one hit wonders.

I have always wanted to be a musician, but a comedian is the closest I will ever get.  I am learning ukulele and writing songs.  Who knows what will come of it, I am just having fun.  Music will always be there, I do not have to worry about being a bother to it.  It will just get me through whatever I need it to get me through.

I have asked my father about those old records.  They are gone, lost in history, my hope is that they are busy enriching someone else’s life.  I am a music nerd I know more about music than I know about myself.  I know I am not alone but I felt the need to put it out there.

My favorite song of all time is “Dream On” by Aerosmith, the first song I remember hearing and being interested in, so, what is yours?

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