Guest Post: I'm a City Mom, but Envious of Suburban Moms

Guest Post: I'm a City Mom, but Envious of Suburban Moms

Today I'm honored to have my friend Beth, aka Yoga Mom, as a guest blogger! She writes the ChicagoNow blog Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom. Please give her a warm acitymom welcome!

I'm thrilled to be guest posting on A City Mom.  I am a city mom and I love it, but I'm not diehard - I see the benefits suburban moms have.  My mom was a suburban mom, and set a prime example of a living in the burbs and utilizing the city. As kids we heading downtown to museums, parades, exhibits, shopping, races, sports events and even to see my grandparents that would be my neighbors if they were still alive in living in Lakeview today.


Benefits of Being a Suburban Mom

1. There are 97 degree days like today when I wish I was a suburban mom choosing which neighbor's pool I am going to spend the day.

2. Parking is always available and you don't have pay the money meter every time you stop for five minutes.

3. I am envious of the convenience of carpool.


Benefits of Being a City Mom

1. I can walk from school to ballet to Starbucks to the bank to a play date to the grocery store.

2.  I never feel lonely or isolated; there is always something going on in the city and a diverse community to interact with.

3. Likewise, it is convenient.  Everything seems to be within a half hour distance.


Growing up a suburban kid and now a city mom, I've got to say there are benefits of both.

As they say wherever your family is is home.


Would you choose the city or suburbs to raise your family?

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