Dork 1 and Dork 2 strike again—this time for charity: Donna's Good Things

Dork 1 and Dork 2 strike again—this time for charity: Donna's Good Things

That’s right. Brace yourselves. It’s going to be even worse than before. Not only will we be dorky parents running a 5k with our children, we’ll be dorky parents wearing tutus and running a 5k with our children. That’s right, I said tutus. (That’s right, I said “That’s right” twice, no three, wait, four times in my first paragraph.)

The whole family is running the Run for Gus 5k to raise money for research on pediatric brain tumors. We are running because my fellow ChicagoNow blogger, Mary Tyler Mom, asked her fellow bloggers if they could run. I saw her a fellow blogger and raised her four family members!

We are part of Team Dancing Donna. Donna Quirke Hornik is Mary Tyler Mom’s daughter who died at the age of four from a pediatric brain tumor. Yeah. And you thought you were having a bad day. Since Donna’s death, Sheila Quirke has worked tirelessly to raise money for pediatric brain cancer research, through her organization Donna's Good Things. Donna loved her dancing lessons, hence, Team Dancing Donna and the tutus.

The Run for Gus happens on Thursday July 26th at 7pm, at Diversey Harbor in Lincoln Park, which is an added bonus, because the race is not at 8 am on a weekend morning, which was a source of consternation to my three teenagers when we talked them into running a 5k with us the first (and last) time.

Perhaps my teenagers may whine a bit about having to run a 5k instead of playing video games in the basement, but they can’t out-whine me that day. I’m working the day of the race. My alarm will go off at 12:15 am and I will fly 3800 miles to Chicago, arriving around 2pm. (This is the secret reason I wanted my whole family there—so someone who cares about me will be there to carry me for a mile or two if I need them to.) SO, now what’s your excuse for not DONATING? Because if you click on any link in this blog, PLEASE click on that last one. No amount is too small!

And okay, if you can’t donate a few bucks, you can at least come out and cheer us on. Guaranteed we will look like dorks! (Plus, we may need you to help carry my stretcher.) But I wouldn’t get my hopes up about seeing my sons in tutus. I gave them a "by" on the ballerina-wear. I may be a dork, but I’m not a cruel one.

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  • The WHOLE family? I am amazed and will certainly be there to help carry your stretcher. Thank you, City Mom! MTM.

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