The New World Trade Center: It could have been, “Hey terrorists, read between the lines.”

As the new World Trade Center nears completion, there was some talk a while back about how it would top the Sears Tower, er, the Willis Tower by cheating, I mean by actually being taller, by adding those big phallic protrusions, I mean bogus lame antennas, which thankfully were voted down as being against the honor code of the Guiness (Is it any relation to the beer?) Book of rules for the tallest buildings or something. As well it should be. Antennas do not a building make. I mean honestly. Did they think they were going to get away with that?

Anyway, we were talking about this at the dinner table (no phallic references allowed at the diner table, btw, but pretty much all the rest was discussed) and my son Ethan said he'd always had what he'd thought was a great idea for the new World Trade Center. He said, “We should have rebuilt the twin towers as exact replicas of the originals, only we should have added a third.”

Oh. My. God. I know he's my son and all, but I thought this was freaking brilliant, a monument to the idea we will rebuild, we will come back and we will be stronger.

I added my own twist. When the three towers were complete, we could have told the terrorists to read between the lines.


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