Guest poster Patrick O'Hara: Lance Armstrong is no inspiration.

Last week the US Anti-Doping Agency formally charged Lance Armstorng with possession and use of testosterone and blood doping.  In a move that could possibly strip him of his 7 Tour de France Titles.  For a long time Lance has been seen as an inspiration to cancer patients and survivors.  As a survivor myself I can assure you he is not an inspiration to me.

You see at the age of 21 I was diagnosed with testicular cancer, yes 21.  I had a recurrence at 25 and I have been cancer free ever since.  I know we try to live by the mantra of innocent until proven guilty.  We have also seen the power of money in these situations.  Even the guiltiest can be acquitted if they throw around enough green stuff.

In my own opinion Lance Armstrong is guilty, I believe he is a cheater.  You cannot trust athletes now a days it is an unfortunate effect of the steroid era.  I will be honest when Lance started the Livestrong Foundation I was a sucker and laid money down for my own yellow bracelets.  I did not know much about him at the time but he seemed like a good guy and was a survivor like me.

Now all I see is a fraud and cheat and not inspiration.

If you want inspiration think of the millions who have fought, fight and beat cancer or who have lost the war with cancer.  It is not an easy fight.  It takes a lot out of you, chemotherapy makes you tired and sick.  There many cancer patients and survivors who are good people trying to make the world better.  Find inspiration in the folks who have lost someone to this awful disease and the fight they continue in their honor.

Let you inspiration be tangible and real.  Not a person who is only real on TV.  I know he raises money for cancer but there are many trustworthy cancer foundations out there.  You are free to donate to whomever you choose.  Just please stop calling him an inspiration, he is not.  Tom Green is a more suitable testicular cancer inspiration than Lance Armstrong.


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    I respectively disagree with your are failing to recognize the work that lance, the cancer survivor and advocate, has accomplished. I'm an 18 year survivor myself and while I'd be disappointed if it were confirmed with proof that he doped, I'd still appreciate all that he has done in the cancer community. Lance was one of the first to talk about cancer, stand up and scream from the mountain tops. In 1994 when I was diagnosed, nobody talked about cancer, there was still an enormous stigma...he changed that. I think it's important we separate the athlete from the cancer advocate. Just my opinion and as they say...opinions are like....everyone has them.

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    In reply to Fcancer:

    Respectfully..not respectively ha. My bad

  • First as a fellow survivor let me say i am happy you beat it. I know a lot of people respect him. In my opinion if you accept the role of role model you have a responsibility to those who look up to you. Just being a part of the Tour would have been an accomplishment but then he won it and became a world wide sign of hope. I want to be wrong but I fear i am not. I respect your opinion and do not seek to change minds I just want people to know we live in a world of inspiration. Thank you for reading and good health!

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    Lance Armstrong has not been proven guilty of anything. Why don't wait until all the evidence has been presented before you publish your guilty verdict? Your hyperbole and speculation demonstrate a lack of intellectual acuity and journalistic integrity. Go ride a bike. Leave journalism to those who are sufficiently qualified.

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    In reply to Ross Andersson:

    Hey Ross - see my response to Patrick and check out this article:


  • Thank you for reading my piece. I thought I made it clear that I was offering my opinion. It was not my intent to offend. Innocence until proven guilty is a romantic notion that we hardly live by anymore. Nothing was written as news just an opinion an editorial even. Sometimes our opinions differ and in the end conversations like these are fun. Have a good day.

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    @ Patrick O'Hara - Ross Andersson couldn't have said it better...if you're going to post your "Opinion" I would highly suggest doing a bit more research. You have absolutely no solid factual references in your article to support your opinion. Even opinions need validity to be considered...

    Let me give you an article you should have read before you chose to bash Lance and state that he is no hero (You try beating Testicular cancer and winning 7 Tours - doped or not). Read this and learn...

    Seriously, man...your article is the worst I've read in a long time and it is offensive because although he's far from perfect, you have no idea how many people draw strength and inspiration from Lance Armstrong. Don't take that away from them just because you "Feel" he's guilty.

  • Thank you for reading, I appreciate it. I have beat testicular cancer yes but sadly only one Tour de France, kidding of course. I do not feel I have the power to take strength or inspiration from anyone, people should be strong enough in their beliefs to tell me I am wrong and I am fine with that. I never claimed I was right. I wrote how I felt and I stand by it.

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    Patrick, good for you for sticking to your guns. For all of you with your head buried deep up la butt, and not willing to open you blasted eyes to see that he indeed cheated his way to each TDF win, think about this. Your neighbor comes to you and tells you your youngest son broke her window. He denies it. later you ask his brother who was there when it happened. He says, yes mom, I saw him break the window. Now are you gonna believe the son who said he saw it, or the one who said he didn't do it? lance's own teammates and Big George was with him in every one of those win... said they saw him doping. More than one of them. Who do you believe?
    Wake up people, armstrong is a cheater and don't be surprised to learn he probably misappropriated Livestrong funds to supply his doping. Folks don't be fooled by the never tested positive line. To this day, there still is no effective test for blood doping, the doping method of ALL "ELITE" riders. Did I say ALL, I meant to say A L L.
    I used to love sports more than my brothers, but these days, all I think about during any sport is what doping method the athletes are using. And I get literally sick to my stomach. I feel the riders used us. They have us rooting for them when they know they're cheating. My parents taught me not to cheat. TDF is a few days away and I'm so angry I could spit bullets.

  • Thank you Messalina, I appreciate that you took time to read. I do not think he used Livestrong to supply his doping. I just believe him to be a cheater as I do when any athlete is accused. You just cannot trust it anymore. My own love of sports is waning because of it.

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