I want to win second place!!

I want to win second place!!

Recently a reader nominated me for the Circle of Moms Top 25 Moms of Teens blog contest. Oh, did I say a reader? I meant me. I nominated myself. Although technically, I am a reader of my own blog (I often go back later to enjoy a favorite past time of noticing punctuation and grammatical errors.) But other bloggers in the contest say they were nominated by readers, so I didn’t want to come out and say I had to nominate myself, because that seems so, well, loserly. (which I know is not a word, but it’s like a little easter egg I left for me to find when I go back later and enjoy one of my favorite past times.)

So I’m in this contest now and doing pretty well, holding steady at fifth place, which, coincidentally, is my fleet/seat seniority number at my day job. Maybe that’s why fifth place is annoying to me. It’s not fourth or third, or second. As far as the contest goes, I never held out much hope of being first. The mom in first place has fourteen kids and 700+ votes vs. my 161. (Personally, I think she’s making each of her kids vote for her every day.)

I entered the contest because the top 25 moms will get some nice publicity for their blogs, and I could use some nice publicity. The blog in third place, Bitches in the Burbs, hasn’t posted a blog since May 23rd, but they have nearly 10K followers on Facebook so it’s like a plane on autopilot in the contest, propelled forward by that jet-engine of an awesome following. I wouldn’t mind having 10,000 followers on Facebook because, speaking from experience, I like autopilots.

From outta nowhere a few days ago, Comic Strip Mama showed up on the scene, rocketing into fourth place (where A City Mom used to be). Of all the competition, I think I like her the best. She’s really the only purely mom of teens blog in there, offering up advice and studies and stuff, as opposed to the other mom’s who just have teens (or an amount of children in the teens) and then there’s me with just my mom of teenager stories and anecdotes and rants about toilets with smart phone docking stations.

I was Assistant News Director in college. I’m second in command at work, a First Officer (That’s a “co-pilot” for all you lost-in-a-time-warp dorks that still ask pilots What routes do you fly?) I’m the second child. I live in the Second City, for cryin’ out loud. (Although I think it’s second to none.) And I would love to win second place in this contest!

All this was the long version of me asking, (begging!) you to please vote for A City Mom in the Circle of Moms Top 25 Moms of Teens blog contest. It’s super easy. You don’t need to sign in or anything, just a couple of clicks. If you’re from Chicago, you’re sure to love it: you can vote early and often. Once every 24 hours. (As a secret trick, you can vote twice a day—once from your home computer and once from your phone!) (Bonus Chicagoan points if you’re dead.) And there’s only five days left! You can vote by clicking here Top 25 Moms of Teens or on the pink button in my right right rail.

Thank you, as always, for reading and supporting my writing. You, my awesome followers, are second to none!

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  • I just tried to vote again but it wouldn't let me??

  • Teppi,
    Did you try refreshing your browser window? Sometimes that opens it up for me, er, for my "readers". I think also there's some lag time in that 24 hour period, because it seems like it usually takes longer than that before it allows you to vote a second time.
    Thanks so much for voting!!

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