A picture speaks a thousand words: Mom and Dad are Dork 1 and Dork 2

A picture speaks a thousand words: Mom and Dad are Dork 1 and Dork 2

My family and I ran the Ravenswood run this year, and I already wrote a blog about it. But I’m writing another one, because a little while later, the online photos showed up only to emphasize what my husband and I already suspected as parents of three teenagers: we may be dorks.

Now, as a general rule, I never buy the online race photos because they are a complete and total rip-off. Waay too expensive. But… But this time, they got me where my children are. When the pictures showed up online, we clicked on each one in turn. The shots of the kids were fantastic!

Photo finish with built-in photo finish caption!

Tanya and Ethan, racing to the finish. Picture perfect! The sign over their heads even saying, “Happy KidCenter” as if to punctuate the glorious moment. Then came the photo of my son Kyle, looking as if he were auditioning for the cover of Runner’s World Magazine. Gorgeous.

Kyle auditioning for Runners World cover

Then there’s us. Mom and Dad. Dork 1 and Dork 2 in the photo at the top. Yep, there is a reason my kids ask us to drop them off at the corner so they can walk the rest of the way. We were doubled-over laughing at how uncool we looked. I don’t know why my hand is way off to the side as if in a display of what could only be called the absolute worst running form that should never be emulated by anyone ever. And my husband? Laying his finger aside of his nose as if he were in a Clement C. Moore Christmas poem? It’s only made more ridiculous by virtue of the fact he’s still carrying my daughter’s pink gloves.

I bought the photos despite my rule against it. I HAD to have those photos of my kids. Yeah, they got me. I mean, they really got me. Just look at that ridiculous photo. You can call me a dork, but at least I’m a dork that can laugh at myself. And the photos were worth the price of the comedy that came with them. Especially when, thanks to the United States Post Office, they showed up in the mail exactly like this:

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    We are complete dorks too!! Welcome to the club! LOL

  • In reply to Armella Schroder:

    Is there a secret handshake? Cuz that wouldn't be dorky!

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