A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Don't Call Me on April 27, May 2, or May 18

By Rick Kaempfer

This is the crazy season in our household. Our youngest son Sean is playing both travel soccer and baseball this spring, our oldest boy Tommy is on the high school math team (preparing to go downstate to compete) and volunteers at a local soup kitchen, and our middle son Johnny is in orchestra. All three of them are also in Scouts...and they have religious education.

In addition to that, my wife Bridget and I crazily volunteered to help out two organizations. She is the committee chairperson of the Cub Scout pack (an incredibly time-consuming position), and I'm on two different board of directors for a soccer team.

Oh, and of course, we both have jobs too. I own a publishing company (which by the way, recently published City Mom Kim Strickland's book "Down at the Golden Coin"), and my wife works very long hours at a private equity firm downtown.

I know we're not alone. Every time I talk to other parents in our neighborhood they are similarly stressed. Once your kids get to a certain age, this sort of scheduling nightmare is almost unavoidable.

I only mention this because I just put all of our commitments for the next three months on the calender, and if my calculations are correct, we will be eating dinner together as a family exactly three times over the next three months: April 27, May 2, and May 18.

Please don't call me those three days.

We'll probably just be sitting around the table in relative silence, but at least we'll all be together.

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