“My mom was the pilot on my flight."

When my kids went back to school earlier this week they had quite a story to tell. As their teachers went through the usual drill, “What did you do over your Spring vacation?" they could report they'd come with me on one of my trips: to Munich, Germany. I know! Lucky kids. But the story here isn’t really our crazy, last-minute, one-day-in-Munich vacation, it’s the reaction a couple of teachers had when one of my sons told them his mother was the pilot of his flight.

“No! She was not!” and a dismissive, Don’t tell stories, wave of the hand. This was the response from two different teachers. When he told us about it at dinner on Monday, I had to whack the calendar a couple of times to make sure some time machine hadn’t unwittingly thrown us back to 1945.

Really? I mean, what could inspire such disbelief? Are there kids out there that routinely make up tall tales? (Cue the Jon Lovitz impersonator now: “Uh, yeah, we went to Disney World, see. Yeah, that’s it. And my mom, she’s Cinderella, you know. That’s right.”)

Is it harder to believe a mom could fly the plane than it is that a family would go to Germany over Spring Break for just one day?

Apparently for some people, it is. And to me, that’s crazier than an impromptu trip to Germany.


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  • They let women pilot International flights?

    First they want to vote. Then drive cars and wear pants. What's next - becoming an astronaut?

    I apologize on behalf of all misogynistic men for the fact that the bicycle gave women an early taste of freedom, independence, and self-determination. Had we known this would happen we could have just been content with the horse...

    Keep up the great work, Kim! And by that, I mean, all those things you say that make me laugh but none of those other things you do like balancing your career while raising three kids and still finding time to write...

  • In reply to Brent Cohrs:

    It's a good thing a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle :-) Thanks for the very nice comment, Brent.

  • Where does he go to school?! And, yeah, who would make something like that up?

  • In reply to Cincy:

    I won't disclose where my kids go to school (for safety reasons) but suffice it to say it's one of the better CPS high schools, which is part of why it shocked me so much!

  • fb_avatar

    Everything you do astounds me, Kim.

  • In reply to David Carey:

    I hope in a good way!!

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