Ever sit next to a horse on an airplane? You could.

Ever sit next to a horse on an airplane? You could.

We’ve all had the inflight experience of sitting next to a horse’s ass. But what if on your next flight, you sat next to an actual horse? As long as he didn’t start shouting into his cellphone as soon as the nose gear hit the ground, I say, this would be okay.

This sitting next to an actual horse on an airplane could really happen to you. I just learned about it at my airline’s recurrent training. At first, I thought they must be joking. Miniature horses as service animals? No way. It sounded so crazy. As A City Mom, I didn’t even know miniature horses existed. But, given my company’s long-running history of having a super hilarious sense of humor, I didn’t take me too long to realize this was no joke.

Apparently, miniature horses are becoming more and more popular as service animals. You know, like a seeing-eye horse. [For proof I am not making this up, check out GuideHorse.com ] This is in part because they tend to live longer than dogs do. And they’ll work for people who are allergic to dogs. Although I worry about my friend, we’ll call him “Amir,” being trapped in a metal cylinder at 30,000’ with a horse. He’s so deathly allergic to them, he had to leave the circus after five minutes in the twelfth row because his larynx started to swell shut.

I find the idea of a horse on my airplane in the cabin with passengers fascinating. Rife with comedic potential. And that goes for you and the horse you rode in on, er flew in with! And you thought the in flight meal was manure… I’ll bet they’re all named “Pegasus.”

So as a public service, A City Mom is alerting you to the possibility of having to sit next to an actual horse on your next flight. Hey, it’s better than the rude-cellphone guy that hogs the armrest. But I get dibs on asking “Pegasus” Why the long face?

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  • I saw a miniature horse in an airport not too long ago. I'm drawing a blank as to where it was but it was startling to see the equine!

    I seem to remember years ago when a service pig went wild on a USAir flight and caused quite a commotion.

  • In reply to scobatz:

    I have NEVER seen one, so I was pretty sure they were joking when they talked about it at recurrent! And there's a joke in there somewhere about the pig going wild and causing a commotion: something to do with being over-served and happening all-too-frequently...
    Thanks for the comment, scobatz!

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