Break out the tissue: I'm baa-ack!

Perhaps you may have noticed, A City Mom has not been posting. I went AWOL. Just stopped without warning. I can tell by the mountains of concerned emails that everyone was worried. (Thanks Mom. I appreciate your concern, but I’m fine.) Well, get out your box of tissue now because you’re really going to need it; I’m back.

I’ve been blogging for six years, the last one-and-a-half for ChicagoNow and during the time I’ve been writing for ChicagoNow, I have religiously posted a minimum of twice a week, usually three times, and sometimes more. This last week, life caught up with me—backed me into a corner and suckered punched me over and over.

As regular readers of A City Mom know, outside of being a mom to my three children, I have two careers: one as an airline pilot, the other as a novelist. In my flying career, about every nine months or so, I go for training and testing. This is because those big jets fly themselves. (This is also why I’m subjected to several FAA physicals every year, but I digress.) My new novel is also coming out this month. Even though it’s been “finished” for over two years, it seems there’s always one more tweak, one more cover change to approve, one more media outlet to pitch or say Thank you to.

It took an amazing amount of begging, scheduling and finagling to not have these two events—my checkride and my book launch—come close to one another. I thought I’d had it all worked out. Until I didn’t. All the last minute details for the book coincided perfectly with my flight testing. Why does this happen? Why is it that all the big events in life don’t spread out to provide interest throughout the course of a year, but insist on happening all at one time? I’m reminded of when our babysitter of three years quit the same day my oldest son fell and did three stitches worth of damage to his two-year-old head. Or the day the basement flooded and the cat died.

So this time, when life conspired to devour every free waking minute, in the interest of maintaining my sanity, I decided, dear followers, that A City Mom would be who suffered (better her than me!) ( ?) I decided ChicagoNow could just dock me my blogger pay for the week. (Here CN, I’ll even help with the math: 0 – 0 = 0)

Hopefully, this type of inharmonic convergence won’t happen again and I won’t just disappear from the blogosphere unannounced ever again. But if it does, is it too much to ask to have at least one person (besides my Mom) noticed I was missing? Now, pass those tissues!

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  • Congratulations! That is so awesome you can handle so much like superwoman... hmm.... well.... No, couldn't be. ;)

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