5 Reasons Daylight Savings Time Totally Sucks

I saw this article on The Stir, 5 Reasons Daylight Savings Time Totally Rules, and I was like, you’re kidding me, right? “Daylight savings time brings us so much joy”? Are you nuts? Did you maybe spend too many late nights staying up and counting unicorns? I HATE daylight savings time. Here are my five reasons why:


1) I lose one hour of sleep

2) I lose one hour of sleep

3) I lose one hour of sleep

4) I lose one hour of sleep

5)I  lose one hour of sleep


It’s bad enough for any busy mom to lose one hour for any reason, but when it comes to an hour of sleep? Far too precious a commodity for the loss of which to be considered "a joy." A good night's sleep around here is about as rare as, well, unicorns.

But, regardless of whether you agree with me or the star-dust swilling folks over at The Stir, don't forget to set your clocks ahead tonight. You're welcome.


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  • Agreed! I need every minute of sleep I can manage to get.

  • Thanks nabeha!! Here's where I'd normally write something brilliant and quippy, but I'm too tired...

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  • In reply to Jenny Michel:

    I dunno, Jen.... I mean we're all a little busy, and as you can see we just lost an hour.

  • I want my readers to know I normally would have deleted Jenny Michel's comment as spam, but since Dan Bradley wrote such a funny reply (Thanks, Dan!) I thought I'd leave it up with the website address edited out. Future spammers, considered yourself warned. (I'll sick Dan on ya!)

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