"Viewpoints" ad not so intelligent

Today's Trib featured a nice, long article on a consumer products review company called Viewpoints. I, for one, will not be trusting any of their viewpoints, even if they do come from other consumers. Do you see the ad pictured here? Do you see what's wrong with the ad? I'll bet every mother out there does.

You do not put babies to sleep on their stomachs. You do not put babies to sleep on their stomachs, on soft pillows. Did the advertising geniuses that created this ad consult with any adults before they made it?  Who in their right mind is going to trust a company with such a dumb ad?

It may be a good company. It’s definitely a cute ad. But it sends a terrible, potentially dangerous message.  [See: Nichd-safe sleep] And Viewpoints needs to change it.

“Product intelligence for consumers, by consumers” is their slogan. But I can think of a better one, “Why don’t you ask your mother first.”


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