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Free enrichment at the Art Institute on weekdays through Feb. 10

Free enrichment at the Art Institute on weekdays through Feb. 10
Last week I took my kids to the Art Institute because their Christmas break was almost over and I was quickly running out of days to torture them. When we got there, I was in for a pleasant surprise. And no, it wasn’t that they fell down weeping at the beauty of Monet’s haystacks. It... Read more »

Some Friendly Road Rules for Resolutionist Runners

A lot of runners took advantage of the great weather today. Too many runners, I thought suspiciously. I mean, sure it was a nice day, but we’ve had nice days all winter long and I’ve never seen so many people out for a jog. Well, the nice weather inspired me too, so I grabbed my... Read more »

It's National Pic-Share Day!

It's National Pic-Share Day!
Have you ever scrolled through your computer or phone’s photo library looking for something and found a really nice picture of someone else? It could be a group shot, or maybe you just captured a friend at the ballgame with mustard on his chin, but you look at the picture and it makes you smile... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: The Truth about So-Called Handymen

By Rick Kaempfer I used to feel guilty about my skills as a handyman. I don’t have any. I’m more of a “Wow your hands are really soft, do you use Palmolive?” kind of guy. If it’s broken, I can’t fix it. That’s not just being defeatist, that’s forty-plus years of experience saving me lots... Read more »

Gone Sniffling

After spending December as I usually do, pulling together Christmas and three birthdays, of course, during my week of vacation, when I don’t have to bake a single cake or wrap a single present, I am sick with a cold so bad it makes my head feel like it’s been over-stuffed with Silly Putty. Therefore,... Read more »