CVS: Why not Sympathy Balloons?

CVS: Why not Sympathy Balloons?

When one goes to the store for the unfortunate task of purchasing a sympathy card, one does not expect to be greeted by a solemn man in a dark suit that will hold one's hand and offer comfort through the process, perhaps steering one toward an upgrade to a more expensive model, er, card. But one might expect a certain amount of gravitas in the Sympathy Card section. One does not expect to have to fight his or her way through a selection of celebratory balloons.

CVS, you need to move the balloons or the Sympathy Card section. That's all I'm saying.


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  • Flowers are traditional, or in lieu of flowers, a donation to some disease's charity.

    You might be saying that the "It's a GIRL" balloons don't belong near the sympathy cards, but, as the picture also indicates, that they have to be kept in an inverted cage on the ceiling somewhere. It is not clear from your picture where the sympathy cards are, but I am sure that the teddy bear callout display didn't get you into the mood either.

    I also suppose that one can't use one of those e-mail greeting card sites for a sympathy card.

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    Ballons are okay but it is better to offer sympathy words written in a card. This way they can feel your deepest sympathy.

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